"We were born in 2018 with the aim of empowering other women through the pieces we sell. We want them to feel (even) more beautiful. More confident. More them."

White Deer: A new era

Our founder, Maria, started the brand alone. She was a nurse and decided to give up everything to pursue a dream she always had: Launching a clothing brand.

A brand with a strong community behind it.

A brand that was born to make history - and we have already done so, many times.

Although the title of this page is "about us", we want you to know that at White Deer, it's all about you.

About your experience.

Our mission

Create pieces that transcend trends. At White Deer we are dedicated to celebrating the individuality and authenticity of each of you.

Through controlled production and a commitment to inclusivity, we strive to inspire confidence and empower the ability to express ourselves.

Our Vision

To be recognized as more than just a clothing brand, but as a cultural movement that defends inclusion, creativity and empowerment.

We imagine a world where fashion becomes a means of self-discovery and self-knowledge, so that each of us embraces our identity.

Our values

Authenticity. Creativity. Inclusion. Empowerment. Transparency. Craftsmanship.