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It's official! Drop II from our Party Collection is now available!

And don't worry, whatever your choice, you'll be on top of the latest trends for sure!




Midi dresses have definitely gained popularity in party fashion in recent years. They offer a timeless elegance and a silhouette that can be very flattering for a variety of body types. Furthermore, they offer versatility and can be used on various occasions, both formal and casual events. Although long is more traditional, the growing midi trend reflects a shift in consumer preferences towards more comfortable but still elegant pieces.

Get yours, there's no shortage of color options!



However, if you prefer a lighter and airier look, the short option is for you! In terms of trends, short dresses are often associated with more relaxed events, such as night parties, cocktails or casual events, as well as warmer climates. If you love showing off your legs, a short dress is the right choice. They can lengthen the appearance of your legs and add a touch of sensuality to your look.



Our ruffled midi speaks for itself. Every detail of the dress is perfect. From the detail of the open back to the length of the dress and its layered ruffles; not to mention its soft touch.

It's the ideal dress for when you have an important event and you can't decide what to wear, when everything seems too little. With this dress we guarantee that won't be the case. It's one that even if it were worn without any type of accessory would draw attention. Don't waste time and guarantee yours!



Our faux-sleeve dresses in black, coral and pink are a nod to your classic era. The cape-style faux sleeve detail is a great choice for those looking for a balance between coverage and style; They can provide a feeling of sophistication without compromising comfort, as well as being a versatile option that can be used both during the day and at night.



We already know that the end is not always the least important, in this case, not at all! After all, we all love sets, right? They don't cause much of a headache, they're great for simplifying the process of choosing an outfit, and they ensure we're always on fleek without the extra effort of combining separate pieces. It's a smart choice for those looking for practicality and style at the same time. It will be a great option for a variety of occasions, don't miss it!

And remember, the aim of this collection is to inspire you to celebrate life, don't leave behind the opportunity to toast every moment with style!

Tell us what your favorite Drop II dress is in #WHITEDEERCOMMUNITY!

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