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A mother's love is a universal language, and in this collection, we let the sweatshirts speak for themselves.

It's true that Mother's Day is every day, but the calendar reserves a special date to go beyond the ordinary and express our love and gratitude. And what better way to do that than to offer a meaningful piece?

Comfortable, versatile and full of meaning – that's our new sweatshirt, the perfect choice to give this Mother's Day. The phrase "I Got It From My Mama" is a tribute to those intangible things we inherited from our mothers, you know? Contagious laughter, silent resilience, or even that secret recipe for chocolate cake...

In a bold and carefree font, these words come to life on the back of the sweatshirt, with a look that is simultaneously modern and nostalgic. This piece is not just a celebration of what is visible; it is a recognition of all the invisible attributes that pass from mothers to children, from generation to generation.

Ideal for a casual outing or a day of rest at home, this sweatshirt is the treat that says "thank you" in a trendy and comfortable way. Because, deep down, we all know that the best things we have came from them, right?

"Ain't No Hood Like Motherhood" is a tribute to the sleepless nights, the first steps, the life lessons and the smiles that every mother knows well.

This black sweatshirt, with the option of contrasting pink or white letters, is the ideal gift for mothers who carry their role with great pride and a great deal of style. It's a gift that says, "I understand what you're going through, I admire you for it, and here's something to keep you cozy like you keep me."

And it's not just about recognizing the role of a mother, but about celebrating the sense of belonging, strength and incomparable beauty that only the "hood" of motherhood provides. This sweatshirt is not just a piece of clothing, it is a symbol of all the hugs, advice and unconditional love that define what it means to be a mother.

Give her one of these heart sweatshirts this Mother's Day, show her what she means to you, without even saying a word!

And of course, tell us what your favorite sweat was in #WHITEDEERCOMMUNITY

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