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Here are the top trends seen on the São Paulo Fashion Week catwalks so far.

Applied Flowers

With a romantic style in itself, flowers were the main protagonists of Prada's autumn-winter 2023 fashion show, and are back on stage at SPFW, through the collection of designer Ana Luisa Fernandes, who presented pieces "decorated" with flowers, inspired by the painting by Dutch baroque artist Jan Davidsz. There is an interesting contrast of volumes in the buildings.

3D Flowers

Neck ties

The bows tied around the neck also took to the SPFW stage. Since the end of last year, they have become a strong trend, whether in more delicate or more detailed ties.


The holographic trend gained popularity in part due to the influence of Hailey Bieber, who with her holographic nails caught attention on social media and inspired many people to try the trend. However, the spread of the trend was also greatly boosted by the film "The Little Mermaid". The association of the film with holographic elements, which recall the beauty and shine of the sea, probably contributed to further popularizing this trend in fashion and popular culture and taking it to the SPFW stage.


Super vibrant, this one The shade of pink is known in the fashion world for being a striking color, which is why many designers use pink for creations when they want to make some kind of impact - freedom or desire, for example. This trend also gained a lot of strength after the significant repercussion of the Barbie movie.


Fringes were very present, we believe largely due to this new era of Cowboy aesthetics.


The burgundy color also proved to be a trend on the stages of São Paulo Fashion Week, will it be the next emerging autumn/winter color?

Wait for the next trends!

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