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We believe that fashion is a form of expression and demonstration of personality. Here we leave a little more about the trends that make you be yourself!


Slipper-style boots and now also the flip-flop model are a big trend this season. In addition to being super trendy, they keep you warm and comfortable with any outfit you choose!

Another option that you can choose to combine are leggings: they add a feminine touch and are the perfect complement!

For us, this type of footwear is very versatile and allows you to give a more casual look to your winter looks.


The second trend we have for you was intensified with the fashion shows of luxury brands like Miu Miu or Givenchy.

Wearing several layers of clothing allows you to adapt to any occasion and always look fashionable!

One of the many examples where you can putting this trend into practice is by combining a trench coat with a blazer, a vest and a top. Don’t forget to apply the same rule to accessories!


This is the trend for the most elegant and classic!

Pointed shoes, whether high or low heels, are the footwear that can elevate your casual outfit to formal. If you add some wider jeans to these, you will be 100% on trend for this one. winter!

In addition to the shoe model, colors are also a factor that can differentiate you. If you're more daring, a red shoe can do you justice. If you usually play it safe, black is the color that will never compromise you.


Micro skirts can still be an obstacle for the most skeptical, but from the moment you join you won't want anything else.

You can pair them with knit sweaters for a comfy look, a shirt for a casual look or a long coat so the cold doesn't ruin your plans!

Whatever your option, we're sure you'll rock it!


Last but not least, we bring you the trend of open shoes with socks!

Maybe it appears to be more trendy than practical, but have you ever imagined being able to wear your summer shoes in winter? This is your chance to do it!

With a dress for a more formal occasion or with shorts for something more casual, we challenge you to take risks and step out of your comfort zone!

Let fashion inspire you and show us your adaptations of these tips we gave you!

Share your recreations with us with #WHITEDEERCOMMUNITY!

*inspiration photos: @pinterest

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