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October 30th marks National Breast Cancer Prevention Day and we couldn't let this date go unnoticed.

Our lifestyle, diet, genetics and health are some of the factors that influence our likelihood of having or developing this type of cancer that affects thousands of women every year.

We believe that to try to combat the numbers that have been growing, it is necessary to have access to reliable information that makes us aware that it is always better to be safe than sorry.

To this end, we have compiled some essential FYI for you!


Prevention starts within our own home. One of the ways to get to know your body better is to lose the fear of feeling and recognizing it.

According to experts, regular palpation of the chest and armpit is an effective method for detecting nodules or hardening of the breast. Furthermore, observing changes in the color of the nipple or the shape of the breast are also extremely important habits that should be part of our routine.

These 2 minutes of self-care give you access to your greatest weapon: knowledge!

In addition to these recommendations, there are recommendations from the National Health Service and the Portuguese League Against Cancer where, depending on your age group, you have access to consultations, screenings and follow-up.

Once again, prevention is the key.

One of the myths we often hear is that this type of cancer only appears in women - it is false. Even though they are a 1% minority, it is important that men also educate themselves about this reality.

The evolution of medicine over the years has brought innovative treatments that, in addition to curing many cases, offer quality of life to many others. Let's value our resources and use them to our advantage for ourselves and for all those who were not there in time.

In general, it is essential that this topic stops being a taboo and that, among friends and family, we are open enough to ask, discuss and be positively influenced to know more about our health.

Here you can find out more about this topic:

Don't forget to share this post with the people in your life and don't forget: together we are stronger!


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