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During the pandemic we were challenged in many ways, but without a doubt one of the areas most affected was our social life and festive culture. The restriction of these moments that we love so much generated a feeling of anxiety and longing, but it also taught us to value each moment of celebration even more.
Our new party collection is a tribute to life and the joy of celebrating together, of celebrating yourself. Each dress has been carefully selected and designed to convey elegance, style and a touch of glamour.
If you're looking for dresses that stand out, details and colors play a crucial role. Our first drop features lace details, tulle skirts and high-quality fabrics, elements that add a touch of charm to classic festive pieces. Colors such as pink, green, lilac and intense blue are choices that will certainly attract attention and ensure that you dominate the environment.
But don't worry if you haven't checked out our collection yet, we'll show you everything! We have pieces for all styles and occasions, and it’s just the first drop…

Our dress with tulle, available in four colors, it is without a doubt the ideal dress to make you feel like a true modern princess.
Made with high quality fabric, the dress offers a light and delicate feeling when worn, ensuring comfort throughout use. Details on the waist and neckline add a touch of sophistication and elegance to the piece.
All of this makes this dress stand out at any event or special occasion.
Don't miss the opportunity to add this unique piece to your party collection.
Even with the need to attract attention, practicality and versatility cannot be forgotten. It was in this sense that we launched belted and pleated dresses. They are dresses with simple and elegant silhouettes, which allow you a perfect transition from day to night. These are dresses that offer comfort and style and are essential to have in your wardrobe.
One of the great advantages of these dresses is their versatility. They are perfect for various events, from weddings and formal parties to dinners or dates. This ability to adapt to different situations makes them a valuable investment for your closet, never disappointing!
Our midi dresses have a careful cut and lace that adds a more feminine and romantic touch.
It's perfect for those of us who want to feel elegant but without dealing with the hassle of a dress that's too long or too short, allowing freedom of movement and comfort all day long!
Furthermore, midi dresses have a timeless appeal that transcends passing fashion trends. They're classic and elegant, which means you can wear them season after season without worrying about them going out of style.
Finally (for now) we have our dress with a bodice and ruffles, combined with a slit and a sweetheart neckline, a great bet for those who like the princess combination with a touch of boldness. The bodice offers a flattering and eye-catching structure. The ruffles add a touch of movement to the dress with the elegance of the slit.
Don't doubt it, you'll rock it!
Life is a party, and every day is a reason to celebrate! Get ready to be the center of attention, because these dresses will take you to another level.
Tell us at #WHITEDEERCOMMUNITY what your choice would be for a special occasion!
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