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From natural fabrics to smart layers, we bring you the right advice on how to feel comfortable, cool and stylish on summer workdays.

When a heat wave arrives, the dilemma always arises about what to wear on work days. With the arrival of summer, our mood improves and the desire to wear a maxi dress, sandals or flip-flops increases, but when it comes to work, there are some pros and cons. Today we help you resolve this dilemma. Take note.

A shirt always works

There's a reason this is a classic piece, you can't go wrong when wearing a shirt and there are lots of options for summer.

white deer shirt

Beige poplin shirt

Bet on tops with lace details

Tops with lace at the neckline are perfect for adding a feminine and sophisticated touch to your office looks. Choose models with delicate lace details on the neckline or sleeves, as these details add charm to the outfit. These tops can be combined with tailored trousers to create an elegant look suitable for a professional environment.

top with lace

White satin top | Black satin top

A suit always looks good

Suits are a classic and elegant option for the office, and in summer you can adapt them according to the temperature. Choose suits with light, fluid fabrics, such as cotton or linen, and light, soft colors, which will help you stay cooler. You can also combine the suit with a knitted top or silk blouse to create a sophisticated and professional look.

Beige satin suit | Blue satin suit | Black satin suit

Use light colors and soft prints

In summer, light colors and soft prints are an excellent option for creating fresh and elegant looks. Choose pastel tones that are sophisticated and blend perfectly with the work environment. Additionally, discreet prints, such as thin stripes or soft floral patterns, can add a touch of style to looks.

beige pants and knit top

Taupe corset top | Cream pants with tongs

Adapt pieces from your winter closet

The secret weapon for any woman's office looks, these are key pieces that work in any season. Invest in pieces that you can wear all year round without getting bored, such as A-line skirts, palazzo pants or even a vest. The best purchases are those that fit throughout the year.

Brown-green blazer vest | Cream turned-waist pants

Your work looks don't have to be boring. You can have fun making unexpected combinations and, at the same time, feel confident and elegant - ready for a meeting and dinner with friends right away. Choose all your favorites here .

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