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Cowboy boots are everywhere. And if you thought they were going to leave, we can bet you that they weren't!

After the global music phenomenon, Beyonce, released her new album, “Cowboy Carter”, on March 29th, we cannot deny that the entire Country aesthetic will officially be a rage!

But how did this all start?

The return of the cowboy aesthetic, driven by the popularity of cowboy boots, had a significant impact on fashion starting in 2019, when rapper Lil Nas X went viral with his single "Old Town Road." The song gained prominence on TikTok and in the launch video featuring Billy Ray Cyrus, Miley Cyrus' father, who helped consolidate the country style as a cultural trend. Lil Nas X's authenticity in adopting this style in his concerts and events contributed to making cowboy boots a desirable fashion item for many.

From then on, the fever only increased, especially on Tik Tok, where many users of the platform were highly influenced by the trend.

For Beyonce, it wasn't difficult to fit into this craze, she clearly already anticipated what was coming. In August 2021, he launched an Ivy Park x Adidas collection called Rodeo. The collection featured items in addition to the famous boots, such as hats, wide pants, cow prints, brown tones, belts with large buckles and denim jackets. This launch was yet another clear indication of the lasting impact of the trend, being adopted by major figures in pop culture and influencing brands with big names in fashion. 

But what no one expected was that it was just the beginning. 

In 2022, the cowboy aesthetic trend gained a new chapter with the first images from the Barbie film, directed by Greta Gerwig. The pink, flashy and playful version of the cowboy aesthetic quickly became a rage. The cowboy hat and boots invaded music festivals and fashion events, while the look of the character played by Margot Robbie was copied around the world in Halloween and Carnival costumes. 

This fusion between country style and the pink world of Barbie, one of the most iconic dolls in the world, brought a new dimension to the cowboy trend, making it even more accessible and fun for a wide audience. The extravagant and vibrant aesthetic of the movie Barbie brought a unique energy to fashion, inspiring people to incorporate elements of the cowboy world into their own looks in a more creative and playful way.

With the Renaissance World Tour over and Barbie fever already reaching its peak in mid-2023, it seemed like the natural trend was for the cowboy aesthetic to begin to come to an end. However, it was just the beginning. 

In January this year, at Paris Men's Fashion Week, Pharrell Williams turned the catwalk into a Louis Vuitton event. Rescuing “western” culture as belonging to native peoples and the black community, the collection featured fringes, jeans, leather, hats, ties, plaids, belts and cowboy boots.

And it was with a Louis Vuitton look, inspired by this collection, that Beyonce attended the 2024 Grammys, a month later. With a black leather set, white shirt, belt with the brand's logo and cowboy hat, the singer intensified rumors that her next album would involve country music in some way.

And this is where we come to the phenomenon that has really stopped the internet in recent days. The phenomenon of Beyonce's new album, “Cowboy Carter”, was already talked about long before its release date, March 29, which came to confirm the growth of the trend. Since the phase of her last album "Renaissance" ended, the artist has invested in Country productions, becoming largely responsible for the return of aesthetics in fashion. 

On the album cover, Beyoncé wore a Busted brand set, custom-made for her, and Paris Texas boots. The outfit is entirely made of latex and features the colors of the United States flag. She is dressed as a "rodeo queen", the title of someone who wins the Miss Rodeo contests and is responsible for representing their community through sport.

The album's release was accompanied by intriguing artwork, with Beyoncé riding a horse with an American flag, evoking a patriotic atmosphere. On Instagram, with a long and surprisingly revealing caption, the  Beyoncé shared that the album was inspired by a personal experience in which she felt unwelcome, and that it took more than five years to make. This gesture shows not only the depth of Beyoncé's artistic work, but also her willingness to share personal and emotional experiences with fans.

Therefore, it seems that we are experiencing a new era of country in fashion. This time more traditional, while still being current, and with the protagonism of elements beyond cowboy boots, such as belts, ties, leather and denim items.

Is this the “consecration” of country as a timeless aesthetic and far from stereotypes? As more artists, designers, and influencers embrace and reimagine country, we're likely to continue to see it evolve and expand beyond any previous preconceptions or expectations. This era may indeed represent a significant moment in the history of fashion and culture, where country is celebrated for its versatility, authenticity and enduring appeal.

And if you, like us, are also obsessed and want to enter your "country era " , we leave you with our items that embrace this trend!

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