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Imagine visiting Brazil during an event like São Paulo Fashion Week!
It is Brazil's main fashion event, considered by many a celebration of the country's soul, due to the unique energy that the country embraces. Being such a diverse country, it makes sense that there is a lot of representation on the catwalks, where we can see models with different bodies, of different ethnicities, genders and ages.

This week, from the 9th to the 14th of April, the first edition of the year will take place, between Iguatemi São Paulo and JK Iguatemi, in addition to some special locations. And of course we will be attentive to all the trends that hit the catwalks of the 2024 show to give you everything.

But before we talk about SPFW 2024, we want to review some trends and shows that have already graced the stage of the biggest fashion event in Latin America and marked several editions. After all, São Paulo Fashion Week plays a significant role in consolidating the country as an important center for global fashion, in order to increase the visibility of Brazilian designers and boost Brazil's creative economy.

This collection presented by “Meninos Rei”, suggested a fusion between elements represented by pop and references to cultural heritage and ancestors. It brought Afrofuturism, known as a cultural movement that combines elements of African culture and science fiction to imagine alternative futures and celebrate black identity, with the aim of celebrating ancestors in an original way on the catwalks. The pieces in the collection feature many prints, designed by illustrator Leonardo Barbosa, which are characteristics of the Meninos Rei brand. They work with fabrics from Africa, and the aesthetic is closely connected with ancestry and appreciation of African culture, present in the cloaks, crowns and hairstyles. And to add a more intimate touch, a whole cast took to the stage representing black, peripheral, fat bodies, people with disabilities or even the idea of ​​family (there were beautiful moments of mothers and children that left many guests with tears in their eyes ). The pieces have voluminous and maximalist shapes, with an extravagant appearance, with voluminous sleeves, shoulder pads and exuberant collars.

The Minas Gerais designer is known for projects such as Fábrica Social ITI – Equality, Transformation and Social Innovation, which trains women who are victims of domestic violence or in situations of social vulnerability in cutting and sewing, offering them an opportunity to survive.

With this collection, the “Future of the Present”, the designer presented 25 looks inspired by the organic forms of nature. Notably, the prints were hand-painted by children participating in a project called “Growing Sustainable”, adding a touch of uniqueness to the pieces on display.

Now in terms of trends, pleats appeared on the show stage, in different colors and fits, as well as in pieces with more structure.

Just like flowers, whether printed, applications or embroidery, which invaded the SPFW stages in May last year and are still very present in current fashion.

As you can see, in addition to always presenting emerging trends, the biggest event in Latin America also always leaves stories told on its stages that embrace thousands of souls through fashion. And that's why we're eagerly awaiting the fashion shows and trends that will be presented in this edition of the event, with the certainty that it will be unique! Don't miss the next chapters...

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