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“Forecasts indicate that women will be responsible for 75% of non-essential spending globally by 2028.”

It is common for women to be unfairly labeled as compulsive consumers, but if we look at the numbers objectively, we realize that our consumption choices not only reflect our personalities, but also drive an entire economic ecosystem.

Research has revealed that women have been the main driver of economic growth and consumer trends. In the same sense, there are those who say that 2023 was the “year of women” as female spending boosted growth  of local and national businesses. 

But what exactly are these “non-essential expenses”? 

It is worth asking whether being up to date with the latest consumer trends is really essential. However, following the news can represent more than simply purchasing superfluous items, it can be a search for comfort, self-expression and even escapism from the challenges of the day. Being on trend doesn't have to be directly associated just with spending money, it can also be linked to what you want to convey, the message you want to convey.

In today's article, and to illustrate this connection between the increase in spending by women and the complex scenario behind the purchasing decision, we explore with you the global phenomenon that was Barbiecore, highlighting how this trend not only moved the wallet of women, but it also had a broader impact on society.

The resounding success of the Barbie film, which caused so much talk, exceeded 1.3 billion dollars in revenue, not only conquering the box office, but also an entire cultural movement, which generated an entire profitable wave known as Barbiecore. 

The trend adopts fashion and lifestyle characteristics associated with the iconic Barbie doll. This encompasses shades of pink, polka dot prints, shiny accessories, bows, lace, hearts and fashion pieces inspired by Barbie, a unique visual experience full of personality.

Celebrities and influencers play a fundamental role in creating these trends, and they often end up being associated with validation. When we see a certain celebrity or influencer using a trend, we end up accepting it, having an inexplicable desire to use it.

Here we leave you with some of the celebrities who embraced the barbiecore trend!

But after all, what is behind this type of trend?

Firstly, whenever we study trends it is essential to consider the context and human needs. 

Context because trends usually emerge when a significant change occurs in it. In this case, we can talk about what represented one of the biggest changes we have collectively experienced: covid-19,  which drastically changed our social relationships, work dynamics and interactions with friends. We begin to develop a need to escape this reality. The Barbiecore phenomenon is a perfect example in response to escapism, being a fun aesthetic, considered extremist, full of joy, associated with vibrant pink tones and all pink looks.

When studying people's behavior to understand the trends that are currently emerging, we realize that in general, people tend to go from something extreme to another extreme, with the absence of a balance point. During the most critical moments of the pandemic, most people chose to wear simple clothes in neutral tones, prioritizing what they wore from the waist up due to video calls and virtual interactions. As restrictions eased and we took to the streets, there was a growing tendency to wear more vibrant and expressive colors, quickly taking this change to an extreme.

All of this highlights aesthetic trends such as barbiecore, which was reflected not only in a consumer trend, but also in the form of individual and collective responses to significant events. After all, the Barbie film brought controversial topics such as feminism, wage inequality and machismo to the fore; There was a great division of opinion in relation to the film as well as movements that caused people to talk, such as women selling out movie theaters dressed in pink outfits. It was indeed a phenomenon that generated millions and millions of euros and moved the economy worldwide, but it wasn't just following a trend, it was embracing causes and having an impact on social issues.

And you, what is your opinion on the possibility of women being labeled as compulsive consumers, in light of predictions that indicate that they will be responsible for 75% of non-essential spending globally by 2028? 

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