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Have you ever looked at a woman and thought "I wish I could be like her!"?

Consciously or not, we've all been there and we know what it's like... but it's time to deconstruct these unattainable standards and celebrate the authenticity of each woman! It's not impossible to live without constant female comparison.

After all, we all have that friend who, regardless of the occasion, always arrives with a stunning look, that charismatic co-worker who easily dominates the work environment, the one who, if necessary, throws down a plate of pasta and her belly doesn't even show a sign, the one who always has her hair up fleek and even those who don't need makeup to have perfect skin.

Yes, all these women who make us sigh and think: “Am I enough?”

In this month that begins, we want to remind you that yes, you are.

Being a woman goes far beyond these superficial issues... it's about being unique in a world that constantly tries to mold us into limiting stereotypes.

Embrace your authenticity, celebrate your imperfections and own your own story!

And the next time you look at a woman and think you would be better if you were like her, remember that you are already incredible in your own way.

And if there are still any doubts, we got your back girl!! We are always ready to provide that support and fight for a world where all women feel truly free and empowered!

Now of course, with a touch of White Deer to boost your morale... it never hurts! We recommend our black fur knitted coat: it's the key piece for those days when you don't have the energy to think about outfits but want to go out confidently, it never disappoints.

So, do you feel more ready to embrace your authenticity? Share with us the pieces that make you feel authentic in #WHITEDEERCOMMUNITY.

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